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Nets Singapore

Founded by Singapore 's leading banks in 1985, Network for Electronic Transfers Singapore (NETS) pioneered the concept of convenient cashless payments in Singapore . NETS' offers a range of payment solutions suited to different lifestyles and transactions. Its products give consumers the freedom to choose the best payment method for their lifestyle, control over their expenses. Moreover, customer can make payments from different devices and locations with a guarantee of security and reliability.

NETS services are available with more than 12,500 merchants across 30,000 points of access, including retail outlets, educational institutions, government establishments and car parks.

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The world’s No. 1 Charge Card. Diners Club cardholders reside all over the world and the Diners Card is an old corporate favorite. There are more than 8 million Diners Club cardholders. They are affluent and are frequent travelers in premier businesses and institutions, including Fortune 500 companies and leading global corporations.


SISA is an Information Security Specialist Company securing customers in 20 + Countries through its Global Service Centers in India, United States, Bahrain, Malaysia and Philippines. SISA being a leading PCI Qualified Security Assessor offers services to Banks, Merchants and Service Providers in Asia Pacific and CEMEA region.

SISA focus on innovation and research has paid rich dividends enabling us to provide value at each and every instance of customer engagement. Firmly grounded with our principle of under promising and over delivering to our customers, SISA has emerged as a clear choice for customer in the Information Security Space.


ControlCase, LLC is a United States based company headquartered in McLean, Virginia with major international operations in India. It services clients globally, including areas such as Americas, India, Japan, Middle East, South Korea, & Taiwan.

ControlCase focuses on providing and developing services, software products and managed solutions. Its solutions help organizations to manage Governance, Risk Management and Compliance related to IT operations. It provides solutions that help organizations address regulations such as PCI, ISO27001/2, Sarbanes Oxley, GLBA, J-Sox in the United States and Asia/Pacific region.

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Travelocity is an online travel agency that pulls most of its hotel rooms through the GDS operated by parent company Sabre . Travelocity is the sixth-largest travel agency in the US In addition to its primary US consumer site, Travelocity operates a full-service business agency, Travelocity Business, and comparable websites in Canada , Germany , France , the Scandinavian countries, and the UK , and is a partner in Asian travel hubs Tabini and Zuji. Other brands include Site59.com, World Choice Travel, and Showtickets.com.

Gullivers Travel Associates (GTA)

The world’s No. 1 Charge Card. Diners Club cardholders reside all over the world and the Diners Card is an old corporate favorite. There are more than 8 million Diners Club cardholders. They are affluent and are frequent travelers in premier businesses and institutions, including Fortune 500 companies and leading global corporations.


Minotel International was founded in December 1983 by 3 national hotel chains - Minotel, France Accueil and Suisse Accueil which were based in France, Great Britain and Switzerland. Minotel International was meant to be a chain of independent hotel chains. Today, Minotel is a voluntary hotel chain of moderate first class hotels that are mainly family-owned and -operated. It features 250 hotel properties situated in 28 countries. These hotels are known for their consistency, their quality and their authenticity.

Hilton Hotels

Hilton, the flagship brand of Hilton Hotels Corporation is the most recognized name in the global lodging industry. It was founded in 1919 when Conrad Hilton purchased his first hotel in Cisco, Texas. Today, Hilton has over 500 hotels in cities all over the world.

Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)

Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) is an international hotel. It operates seven hotel brands – InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suites. IHG has over 4,000 hotels across nearly 100 countries.

Supranational Hotels

Supranational Hotels, encompassing the Supranational Hotels, Columbus Hotels and Sky Hotels brands, represents a large organization made up of some 1500 hotels. It is among the world's largest hotel representation companies with hotel properties located in EMEA, North and South America and the Far East.

Kempinski Hotels

Founded in 1897 in Germany, Kempinski Hotels is Europe’s oldest and most established luxury hotel collection. This international hotel chain reflects the finest traditions of European hospitality and is synonymous with distinctive luxury within the hospitality industry. Kempinski Hotels are located in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia with properties in many of the world's most well known cities such as Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Berlin, Budapest, the Dead Sea, Istanbul, London and St Moritz.

Sol Melia

Sol Meliá was founded by Gabriel Escarrer Juliá in 1956 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. It is the world's leading hotel chain for holidays, as well as being the overall market leader in Spain, both in the leisure and the business sectors. It is the third largest chain in Europe, the twelfth largest in the world and is the global leader for holidays and in Latin America and the Caribbean. Currently, Sol Melia has more than 300 hotels in 30 countries on 4 continents.


Founded in 1977, Hotusa Hotels is the leading chain of independent hotels. It occupies the 4th place between hotels consortium at a worldwide scale, and the first place at European level. The Hotusa purpose consists in providing, to small hotels and reduced groups, all the tools useful to help them being more competitive, with a conditions average, with the bigger hotels consortia in the international market. Currently, Hotusa represents over 2,000 hotels in 40 countries.

Golden Tulip Hospitality Group

Golden Tulip Hospitality Group has head offices in Amersfoort, The Netherlands and Lausanne, Switzerland. It is a worldwide hospitality company with more than 630 hotels in more than 49 countries. The Golden Tulip Hospitality Group franchises and manages hotels in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, the Asian Pacific Region and the Americas. In 2006, Hotels Magazine has ranked this company the 18th largest hotel chain. Golden Tulip’s main assets include its intellectual property, hotel management division, franchise division and other shareholdings.

Keytel Hotels

Founded in 1973, Keytel is Spain's number one company specializing in representing hotels. Keytel has 30 years experience in representing hotels. It has its own central booking system that uses various channels: call centers, GDS and online bookings. Currently, it represents over 1300 hotels and 50,000 travel agents that are located worldwide. It provides them with sales, marketing and distribution services. Keytel is headquartered in Barcelona and has offices in Madrid and London.

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Axis Bank was the first of the new private banks to have begun operations in 1994, after the Government of India allowed new private banks to be established. Its Registered Office is at Ahmedabad and Central Office is located at Mumbai.

Axis Bank is well-known for its strengths in both retail and corporate banking and its commitment towards adopting the best industry practices internationally in order to achieve excellence. Presently, the Bank has a very wide network of more than 596 branch offices and Extension Counters. The Bank has a network of over 2502 ATMs providing 24 hrs a day banking convenience to its customers. This is one of the largest ATM networks in the country.


Galileo , owned by the Cendant Company, is one of the world's leading GDS providers. Its core business is providing electronic global distribution services for the travel industry through its computerized reservation systems, leading-edge products and innovative internet-based solutions. It also is a value-added distributor of travel inventory dedicated to supporting its travel agencies and corporate customers, and through them, expanding traveler choice. It connected to approximately 43,500 travel agency locations to 460 airlines, 23 car rental companies, 58,000 hotel properties, 430 tour operators and all major cruise lines throughout the world. (as of 2005).

Sabre Inc.

Sabre Inc. is a leading provider of technology for the Travel Industry. It provides a broad range of innovative products that enable travel e-commerce and services, and enhance airline, supplier and travel agency's operations and their ability to serve the traveler. Sabre connects to more than 50,000 travel agencies worldwide, approximately 400 airlines, 55,000 hotel properties, 52 car rental companies, 9 cruise lines, 33 railroads and 229 tour operators. It also owns Travelocity.com (an online travel service), Sabre Travel Network (an electronic network for travel buyers and sellers), and Sabre Airline Solutions (providing services to optimize airline operations and reduce costs).


Worldspan is a GDS that provides software used by travel agents to book airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, etc. It was formed in early 1990 when Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, and Trans World Airlines decided to merge their reservations systems into a single system. It is currently connected to 16,000 travel agencies in nearly 90 countries and territories, 421 airlines, 210 hotel companies, 40 car rental companies, 39 tour and vacation operators and 44 special travel service suppliers.


Amadeus Global Travel Distribution S.A. is the largest global distribution system (GDS) provider, serving over 200 markets around the world. It has a comprehensive data network and database of more than 67,000 travel agencies, 10,500 airline sales offices, 58,000 hotels and 50 car rental companies. It also serves other companies including ferry and rail services, cruise lines, tour operators and insurance agencies.


Verchaska Infotech (an ISO 9001:2008 certified company) is a leading travel technology company. It provides consulting and information technology services; provides business consulting, systems integration, application development and e-business services.

Verchaska has built expertise across a wide array of business functions of a travel company. It's solutions are integrated with all major air GDS platforms, major providers in the hotel & packages space, rail (Eurail & Indian Rail), car rental & Insurance.

Micros Systems

MICROS Systems, Inc. provides enterprise applications for the hospitality and retail industries worldwide. Over 310,000 MICROS systems are currently installed in table and quick service restaurants, hotels, motels, casinos, leisure and entertainment, and retail operations in more than 130 countries, and on all seven continents. In addition, MICROS provides property management systems, central reservation and customer information solutions under the brand MICROS-Fidelio for more than 21,000 hotels worldwide, as well as point-of-sale, loss prevention, and cross-channel functionality through its MICROS-Retail division for more than 90,000 retail stores worldwide.


Expedia by Pegasus, is an online travel agent, offers thousands of negotiated-rate hotels to supplement those supplied by Worldspan , the global distribution system (GDS) that links it to hotel, air and car suppliers worldwide. By combining these hotels with airfares, it can provide some competitively priced packages that are suitable for business travelers with relatively fixed itineraries.

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Pacific Asia Travel Association

Founded in 1951, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is the recognized authority on Asia Pacific travel and tourism. It provides leadership and advocacy to the collective efforts of nearly 100 government, state and city tourism bodies, more than 55 airlines and cruise lines, and hundreds of travel industry companies.

PATA's mission is to enhance the growth, value and quality of Asia Pacific travel and tourism for the benefit of its membership. It is a not-for-profit organization.

Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI)

Established in 1955, Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) was founded by the 4 Regional Trade Associations of the Hospitality Industry. It functions as an apex trade association for the existing associations in hotel and restaurant industry in the country. Its purpose is to represent, promote, develop and preserve the hospitality industry as a lobby before the Ministries and Agencies of the Central Government.


Founded in 1989, AAHOA or The Asian American Hotel Owners Association is the voice of owners in the hospitality industry. AAHOA is dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of its members by inspiring excellence through programs and initiatives in advocacy, industry leadership, professional development, member benefits, and community involvement. It is one of the fastest-growing organizations in the industry, with more than 10,000 members owning more than 20,000 hotels.


Founded in January 2004 by leading portals in India, IAMAI is the only specialized industry body in India representing the interests of online and mobile value added services industry.

The Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) is a not-for-profit industry body registered under the Societies Act, 1896. Its mandate is to expand and enhance the online and mobile value added services sectors. It is dedicated to presenting a unified voice of the businesses it represents to the government, investors, consumers and other stakeholders. The association addresses the issues, concerns and challenges of the Internet and Mobile economy and takes a leading role in its development.

The association’s activities include promoting the inherent strengths of the digital economy, evaluating and recommending standards and practices to the industry, conducting research, creating platforms for its members, communicating on behalf of the industry and creating a favorable business environment for the industry.

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